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Engage your audience

The third stage is not just to survive and respond, but to use Twitter proactively to engage your audience. How to gain followers on twitter are now a number of Twitter tools which have been developed to make it easy to use Twitter in your presentation. Tweet your key points To ensure that your key points are tweeted, craft them into tweetbites — short sentences ready-made for tweeting. Both PowerPoint and Keynote have add-ins so that you can schedule your tweet to be posted at the same time as you click on a specific slide. Use backchannel tools other than Twitter to create engagement If you plan to use the backchannel proactively in your presentation, it may be better to use a backchannel tool other than Twitter. This is because: Twitter users won’t have to be concerned about overwhelming their followers with a series of presentation-specific tweets.That makes the backchannel more inclusive: no Twitter-divide — and it allows the backchannel to become more intimate amongst conference attendees. Nina Simon of Museum 2.0 has written a great account of using both Twitter and a no-registration backchannel tool, TodaysMeet, at the WebWise 2009 conference: Retweeting. While we’re on the subject, don’t underestimate the power of the retweet. When someone picks up your message and forwards it to their followers, it magnifies your reach and often recruits new followers in the process. Sending provocative messages that others retweet is a great way to build your following and your contact list for information-gathering and promotion. Discovery. Twitter is the most efficient mechanism I’ve ever seen for discovering interesting information. I could literally do nothing all day but monitor the “All Friends” feed in TweetDeck and read interesting articles that others recommend. If it weren’t for Twitter, for example, I wouldn’t have known that Travelocity has hotels in Las Vegas for $22 a night. This discovery process is not unlike scanning the pages of a newspaper, but it’s much faster and more encompassing. Also, you know that comments and recommendations from certain people will be of particular interest to you, so you have the option of drilling down on individual profiles to see what they’ve been saying recently. Chaotic? Sure, but that’s part of the discovery process. Searchable. If you want to find out what people are saying about you right now, services like Twitscoop and Monitter enable you to instantly track mentions of your company, product, industry or whatever and to save them as RSS feeds for later browsing. You can do the same with Twitter Search. Google Alerts currently doesn’t index Twitter feeds, but Filtrbox does.

Should you buy Facebook Likes for your Fanpage?

Should you buy Facebook likes that fake to improve the social presence of your product get likes on facebook or website? Well, I did a quick experiment to find out. Read this post before making such a move. In the today’s world the importance of social media in sell your products / blog and promote your business cannot be over emphasized. Unfortunately, growing dedicated follower community is a slow and tedious process. Realizing this several small businesses have popped up promising to increase your Facebook likes, Twitter followers, among others. You can now buy Facebook likes or other Social Media followers fpr your blog or product.For $5, you can buy 100, 500, or sometimes even 2000 Facebook likes in a matter of hours or days. There are several other websites that make such services as well. But the question is, should you buy Facebook likes that are fake?I created a Facebook Fanpage for one of my blogs and conducted a quick experiment to check this out. I purchased a gig on Fiverr that promised 500+ Facebook likes in 24 hours. A typical process goes like this:Sure enough, the next morning I wake up and check my Fanpage and I see 603 extra Facebook likes. All with almost complete profiles and pictures.Irrelevant Profile Pictures: Take a look at the picture above. The fan profile pictures look like those used in hair salons. Almost all of them look similar. Moreover, many profiles have bikini-clad women as profile pictures. The question is will these profiles fit your audience profile? I bet that if you are a blog with good original content your answer would be typically NO. You can circumvent this problem by not buy youtube views displaying a Facebook Fan Box or displaying a Facebook Fan Box without Faces.